Water Lantern Festival is filled with fun, happiness, hope, and great memories that you'll cherish for a lifetime. This is a family friendly event that can be shared by everyone. Friends, families, neighbors, and lots of people that you haven't met can come together to create a peaceful, memorable experience.

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We are partnering with local sponsors to make the Kitchener Water Lantern Festival even better, and we'd love to have your business involved. There are a ton of ways that you can contribute and have your business benefit. Just send us an email at and let's talk!


Water Lantern Festival is proud to help the local community, not only by bringing everyone together with peace, love, and happiness - but also by helping out your local Kitchener based charity.


While they're called many things such as lantern festivals, lights festivals, floating lanterns, or Chinese lanterns - only Water Lantern Festival allows you to Light The Water in a way you'll never forget. Now you can experience the magic of over 1000 lanterns as the soft lights reflect upon the water.